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The products of the range Nov' Oléo for local wood and Sat' Oléo for exotic wood presented in this section were all formulated to answer the requirements imposed by an exposure on the bad weather. The application of the oil adapted to the wished usage will bring excellent performances in term of dimensional stabilization and aesthetic holding in...



  • Wooden deck Wooden deck

    Because of its horizontal implementation, a phenomenon of stagnation of water, the terrace wood is doubtless the usage the most contraignant for this natural material. The maintenance is then frequent at least during the first years following the pose. Saturator Oléobois, due to their optimal fluidity, soaks the in-depth wood to stabilize him from a dimensional point of view so avoiding the phenomena of deformations such as cracks or dishing. Other advantage: these products do not create on-surface movie of the wood what facilitates its maintenance without having to sand or to cleaning before re-oiling.

  • Garden furniture Garden furniture

    The wooden outside furniture is subjected to the weather. The alternation of the water and the UV have then diverse consequences: risks of deformations of wood and greyishing. Oil Oléobois presented in this section allows to free themselves from these problems. If the products of the range SAT' Oléo are intended for the protection of exotic wood, those of the range NOV' Oléo Classic Color, the ready for use coloured oil, will allow you to bring a personal touch to your outside furniture wood.

  • Exterior walls Exterior walls

    The aesthetic function, often at the origin of the choice of a wooden bardage, is questioned as time goes by by the strong exposure to weather (rainwater and solar UV) responsible for its greyish aspect. All the products Oléobois proposed in this section were developed for the maintenance of your bardage in the time. Pigmentary pastas playing an anti-UV role, consisted natures assuring a pearling effect, everything is there! The not filmogenic character of our products takes here all its sense: finished the preliminary operations of sanding and cleaning in the maintenance; an oiling of surface is enough to keep the beautiful initial aspect of your bardage.

  • Saturateurs pour bois exotiques Saturateurs pour bois exotiques