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You will find in this category, oil protection for wood used indoor, including for wet rooms (kitchens and bathroom) in which the constraints for the material wood are raised all the more as the risks of moistening are frequent. After application, wood so oiled will be protected from spots and spots but also risks of inflation in particular than...



  • Work-top Work-top

    Certain internal manners are very binding for the material wood because of his frequent exposure to the water; it is the case of a work-top in the kitchen, a tour of bowl in a bathroom.

  • Wooden furniture Wooden furniture

    Oil proposed here allows to obtain different depictions according to the chosen version. Indeed, if the PERL' Oléo Classic will tend to revive the tint of origin so emphasizing the veinage of the wood, the White Oléo Classic is an oil with colorless depiction which will allow you to protect the wood while preserving its tint of origin. You can bring a personal touch to your wood by choosing PERL' Oléo Classic Color, ready for use and available coloured oil in several colors. Finally, for a regular maintenance of already oiled wood, Oléobois developed LACT' Oléo Intérieur, milk of compatible maintenance with wood having beforehand received a finish in the oil in factory.

  • Parquet floor Parquet floor

    The wood used in parquet must be protected to keep its aesthetics in the time. Special hard oil parquet below is enriched in oil of tung (or wooden oil of china), vegetable raw material appreciated for its important natural siccativity but also for its capacity to be hardened during the drying, so assuring a good resistance to the traffic.