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Wood protection

There are no products in this category
Wood protection

indoor or outdoor, the wood is exposed to important requests which are at the origin of his aesthetic depreciation. By looking for in the concerned section, you will find the product dedicated to the protection of your wood.



  • Indoor Indoor

    You will find in this category, oil protection for wood used indoor, including for wet rooms (kitchens and bathroom) in which the constraints for the material wood are raised all the more as the risks of moistening are frequent. After application, wood so oiled will be protected from spots and spots but also risks of inflation in particular thanks to the effect pearling products.

  • Outdoor Outdoor

    The products of the range Nov' Oléo for local wood and Sat' Oléo for exotic wood presented in this section were all formulated to answer the requirements imposed by an exposure on the bad weather. The application of the oil adapted to the wished usage will bring excellent performances in term of dimensional stabilization and aesthetic holding in particular towards UV thanks to the presence of pigmentary pastas in the formulations.

  • Decoration Decoration

    While assuring an optimal level of protection, the products of this category will allow you to bring a personal touch to your work wood. Among products proposed here, some are ready for use (Classic Color versions) and the others allow to realize in way the corresponding tint exactly at your wish (Prémium version in additiver of the pigmentary pastas OLEO' Color)

  • Other material Other material

    In the same way as the wood, the terra-cottas are subjected to important requests which are at the origin of their aesthetic depreciation. Nov' Oléo-Terracotta will allow to protect them durably.