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  • natural oils All of our oil are biologocal and natural to treat your wood and respect environment

    Natural oils

  • Teak oil for exotic wood Protect your exotic wood with Oleobois teak oil

    Wood teak oil

  • oil protection Protect your outdoor againts extreme weather with our high quality natural oils.

    Protect your wood

  • Colors oils Wood Protection and decoration with colors oils

    Dare colors !!!

Featured products

  • NOVOléo Spécial red cedar
    NOVOléo Spécial red cedar
    25,00 €
    - Available -
    Oil with natural look for outside wood  Specially adapted to the protection and the maintenance of autoclaved wood, hard oil NOV'Oléo Spécial...
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  • NOVOléo Spécial douglas-fir
    NOVOléo Spécial douglas-fir
    25,00 €
    - Available -
    Oil with natural depiction for  outside wood   Specially oriented to the protection and the maintenance of the wood of Douglas, the hard oil...
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  • Grey wood floor renovator -20%off
    Grey wood floor renovator
    120,87 € 151,08 €
    - Out of stock -
    This pack contains all the products to renovate a terrace having undergone a greying. Choose the pack according to your type of wood to renovate...
  • Oléo'635 - Spécial conditions extrêmes
    Oléo'635 - Spécial conditions extrêmes
    28,58 €
    - Product available with different options -
    Oil with natural look for outside wood - Special extreme conditions  The oil of maintenance Oléo'635 is intended for the maintenance of...
  • SATOléo Spécial ipé
    SATOléo Spécial ipé
    25,25 €
    - Available -
    Colorless oil  Specially adapted to the protection and the maintenance of terraces ipé (or exotic wood brown-red), the saturator SAT' Oléo...
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  • PRIMOléo Outdoor
    PRIMOléo Outdoor
    19,50 €
    - Available -
    Oil with natural look for any outside wood Recommended for the preparation of the wood before finish,  PRIM' Oléo contains essentially...
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  • NOVOléo Color
    NOVOléo Color
    24,00 €
    - Available -
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  • Renovating and cleaning wood floor deck -20%off
    Renovating and cleaning wood floor deck
    120,00 € 150,00 €
    - Out of stock -